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USYL Financial Assistance

At USYL, we want our programs and leagues to be available to all and we definitely do not want
any player to not have the opportunity to play due to financial concerns. We have scholarships
available for our players that will be given to on a need basis only to those who request it.
Please fill out this application Click Here, and/or reach out to [email protected] if you or your child would like to
request financial assistance. It is rare that we are able to award a full scholarship but we will do
our best to accommodate everyone that needs it.  Financial assistance and awards are not transferable
to other leagues or programs and will only be awarded to those that have applied and reached
out to us directly.

We support our military families. We are thankful for your resilience and sacrifice. We thank you for your courage, dedication, and hardwork. We thank you for protecting us and in return would like to offer you a small token of our appreciation. Please use this discount to receive 25% off any season of play with United Sports Youth League.