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About Us

The United Sports Youth League, Inc. (USYL), a registered 501(c)(3) charity, and was founded with the aim of uniting people of all ages through a variety of sports. We provide a fun, safe environment for kids and adults to gather among friends and family, and to make new friends, whether by joining the league, as players or by cheering on their favorite teams on the sidelines. USYL’s goal is to run high quality leagues while promoting good sportsmanship, camaraderie, and fair play.

USYL commenced operations in 2004 through the dedicated efforts of Mr. Greg Janvier, the League’s founder, organizer, and president. A former college athlete himself, Greg is a native New Yorker whose experience close call on 9/11, coupled with his love of sports and his city, inspired the founding of the organization The United Sports Youth League, which also upheld the division of United Sports League (USL) which organized the adult component with the same mission of uniting people through sports.

USYL reaches out to the youth of the city, providing a range of athletic activities (basketball, flag football, kickball, etc.). We believe in the model of Learn, Practice and Play that will enhance their skills, and learn the true meaning of teamwork. Our programs keep kids active, giving them a positive outlet for their boundless energy as well as something to look forward to.